Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Mukilteo Research Station

Research at the Mukilteo Research Station focuses on understanding the life cycle of marine species and the impacts of ecosystem stressors on anadromous and marine fish and invertebrates. In this salt-water facility, scientists rear marine and anadromous fish for a range of studies, conduct studies on the effects of impaired water quality and habitats on the health and survival of fish, serve as a base for field studies of Pacific salmon, and hold outreach events for students and public groups on NMFS research in the region. Unique features of the Mukilteo facility include a high-quality seawater system for fish rearing and marine species studies; an algae and zooplankton culture laboratory; a deep water pier and central Puget Sound location with convenient access to field research locations; and specialized laboratories and equipment for studies on the fate and effects of toxic substances.

Mukilteo Research Station
10 Park Avenue, Bldg. B
Mukilteo, WA 98275-1618
(425) 347-6935
Fax: (425) 347-4072
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