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The NWFSC Monster Seminar JAM is part of the OneNOAA Science Discussion Seminar Series. The OneNOAA series are a joint effort by several NOAA seminar partners to pool seminars of common interest to help share science and management information and to promote constructive dialogue between scientists, educators, and resource managers. For more information about the OneNOAA Seminar Series, please visit:

Contact: Diane Tierney, NWFSC's Monster Seminar Jam Coordinator

Fall Quarter Calendar

All seminars begin at 11:00 AM and are open to the public. For location and more information, click the seminar title.

September 17
Atlantic salmon reintroductions: the New England experience
Dr. William Ardren, Senior Fish Biologist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

October  1
Engineered ecosystems: trade-offs in managing marine resources in China
Dr. Cody Szuwalksi, Fisheries Scientist.UCSB Bren School of Environmentlal Science and Management

October  8
Puget benches, beaches, and bumps: what do salmon get out of urban shoreline restoration in Puget Sound?
Jason D. Toft, Research Ecologist, UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

October 15
DART TOFMS: A novel tool for wildlife forensic scientists who despise sample preparation
Dr. Edgard Espinoza,Deputy Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory

October 29
Spatio-temporal complexity of stream temperature and potential consequences for salmon
Aimee H. Fullerton, Fisheries Research Biologist, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

November  5
Spatial patterns in the vulnerability of New England fish and fishing communities to climate change
Dr. Lauren Rogers, Fisheries ecologist, Natural Capital Project, Stanford University

November 12
Bringing science and nature into prisons: the Sustainability in Prisons Project
Dr. Carri J. LeRoy, Member of the Faculty, Freshwater Ecology Lab, The Evergreen State College

November 19
Seabirds at Yaquina Head: Indicators of ecosystem change or just eagle snacks?
Dr. Rob Suryan, Associate professor, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oregon State University

December  3
The past, present and future of Chinook salmon in California's Central Valley
Dr. Steve Lindley, Director, Fisheries Ecology Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

December 10
From data poor to data rich, a synthesis of approaches to assess stock status of Indian Ocean Tuna stocks
Dr. Rishi Sharma, Biometrician, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

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