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Technical Recovery Team:
Interior Columbia River Basin

Current Status Assessments

These current status assessments are works in progress. We are posting them for use by local planners and to solicit feedback. Currently, we anticipate that there will be changes in several areas. In particular, recent changes to the viability curves for steelhead will result in slightly different comparisons between current status and the viability curves. In addition, we intend to conduct a systematic review of hydropower and harvest impacts with respect to the selectivity metric (spatial structure and diversity); this may result in changes to some of the population–specific ratings for that metric. We will be posting updates and changes to these assessments regularly, and intend to compile the finalized current status assessments into an "atlas" of the Interior Columbia listed salmonid and steelhead populations.

If you have questions or comments about any of these assessments, please contact Tom Cooney and Michelle McClure.

last modified 05/04/2015