Northwest Fisheries Science Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator's Awards

The Administrator's Award recognizes NOAA-specific contributions and is granted to individuals and groups. Recipients receive a plaque and $5,000. In the case of group awards, the $5,000 is split equally among the members.

Center Recipients (in bold)

2017 Debra Lambert, Erin Schnettler, Galen Tromble, Stephanie Hunt, Patrick Lynch, Richard Methot, Jason Cope
For exceptional work developing national guidance that improved fisheries management, benefited fishermen, and continued rebuilding fish stocks.
2016 Quay Dortch, Rob Magnien, Marc Suddleson, Gregory Doucette, Kris Holderied, Margaret Broadwater, Stephan Morton, Ruth Kelty, Jennifer Rhoades, Vera Trainer, Nicolaus Adams, Brian Bill, Bich-Thuy Eberhart, Michael Milstein, and Ruth Howell
For providing timely and essential event response support and coordination leadership during the historic 2015 West Coast harmful algal bloom event.
2015 Rebecca Allee, Todd Davison, Laura Golden, Alan Lewitus, Rob Magnien, Scott Cross, Elizabeth Clarke, Steve Giordano, Kristen Laursen, Doug Lipton, Susan Baker, Shannon McArthur, Paula Davidson, Nicole Kurkowski, Shelby Walker, and Tracy Rouleau
For completing NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program's Science Plan a shared vision for applying science to shape the future Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.
2013 Robert C. Anderson, Jeffery Lockwood, Laurie Beale, Julann Spromberg, David Baldwin
For a landmark biological opinion used by EPA to disapprove concentration levels of toxics in Oregon waters that harm recovery of endangered species.
2011 Michael Rust, Michael Rubino, M. Kathleen Naughten, Walton Dickhoff, and Linda Chaves
For leadership in the NOAA-USDA Alternative Feeds Initiative to accelerate development of alternative feeds for marine aquaculture.
2010 Cynthia Masada
For merging the administrative functions of two divisions at the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center and redirecting $500,000 per year to science.
2009 Usha Varanasi, Tom Hom, Brendan Sylvander, Rebecca Pollock (NOS), and Rebecca Smyth (NOS)
For leadership and service in developing the Action Plan for the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health, advancing NOAA's mission of conserving and managing coastal and marine resources.
2008 Robert Iwamoto, James Herkelrath, John Rheaume, Ann Byar, Dorothea Smith, Robert Gries, and Rose Olds
For quickly diagnosing a serious mold threat and delivering a new building ahead of schedule, within budget, and with minimal impact to employees at the Montlake Laboratory in Seattle, Washington.
2006 Kathleen Jewett and Julie Peddy
For initiating extensive NOAA internships in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business administration for students from underrepresented communities.
Dr. Michael J. Ford
For scientific leadership in creating an internationally recognized team of scientists in the fields of genetic and ecological research to facilitate fisheries management in the Pacific Northwest.
Alicia M. Senauer
In recognition of building a dynamic outreach program that dramatically improved the content, image and visibility of NOAA Fisheries Service science in the Pacific Northwest.
2004 Dr. John E Stein
For exemplary leadership in the creation and development of NOAA's first Watershed Ecology Program, a critical program for Pacific salmon recovery.
2003 James Herkelrath, Dr. Bruce McCain, Tino Escalona, and Abram Vinikoor
In recognition of outstanding leadership, teamwork, and dedication in the planning and construction of the Captain Barry Fisher Building in Newport, Oregon.
2003 Dr. Linda Jones and James Coe
For outstanding leadership in the successful and challenging transition of West Coast groundfish monitoring, assessment and observer programs.
2003 Dr Michael H. Schiewe
In recognition of substantial and significant contributions to fishery science in the Pacific Northwest.
2002 Dr. Robert N. Iwamoto, Dr. Barry A. Berejikian, and Dr. Penny Swanson
For the development and implementation of a preeminent multi-agency, multi-disciplinary research program that conducts innovative scientific research for the successful breeding of wild salmon in captivity.
2002 Dr. James D. Hastie
For outstanding leadership, scientific analyses, and contributions that have played an invaluable role in management of the West Coast Groundfish Fishery
1999 Dr. Usha Varanasi, Dr. Peter Kareiva, Dr. Michael H. Schiewe, and Dr. Lynn Krasnow.
For leadership in the design, preparation, and completion of the Anadromous Fish Appendix that resulted in redirection of staff resources to focus on producing first-class and timely products with scientific integrity.
1996 Dr. Michael H. Schiewe and Donna Darm
For designing and implementing strategies, research, and monitoring components for a Biological Opinion for Snake River Salmon Recovery.
1992 Dr. Robin S. Waples
For outstanding contributions toward developing a policy to define species of Pacific salmon under the Endangered Species Act.