Northwest Fisheries Science Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Distinguished Career Award

The Distinguished Career Award is designed to recognize long-term achievement in advancing the goals and mission of NOAA. The intent of the Career Award is to honor contributions which represent sustained excellence and cumulative career achievements rather than a single, defined accomplishment.

Center Recipients (in bold)

2019 Thomas D. Cooney
For exemplary contributions to the conservation and recovery of Pacific salmon in the Columbia River basin throughout 20 years of service to NOAA.

Richard D. Brodeur
For career-long innovative and exemplary scientific achievement advancing the field of marine science and supporting NMFS management.

2018 Lyndal L. Johnson
For excellence in leading field assessments of habitat quality and fish health throughout 33 years of service to NOAA.

2016 William T. (Bill) Peterson
For exceptional scientific achievements on how climate variability influences ocean conditions and productivity in the California Current ecosystem.

2014 Stephen Achord
For career–long leadership of research to understand factors affecting migration and survival of wild, Chinook salmon and steelhead.

2007 Robin S. Waples
For groundbreaking applied research in the field of conservation genetics which greatly advanced the protection of genetic diversity in marine organisms.

2005 Usha Varanasi
For thirty years as both a scientist and leader, significantly advancing the field of Ecotoxicology, applying research to pressing environmental challenges, and creating a high-performing NOAA Fisheries organization.

2004 Dr. Walton Dickhoff
For scientific contributions to salmonid physiology and endocrinology and its application to management issues throughout 18 years of NOAA service.