Northwest Fisheries Science Center

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Gold Medal Employee Awards

The highest honorary award granted by the Secretary. A Gold Medal recognizes distinguished performance characterized by extraordinary, notable or prestigious contributions that impact the Department's mission. Gold Medals are awarded to individuals, groups (or teams), and organizations. Recipients receive a framed certificate signed by the Secretary.

Center Recipients (in bold)

2018 Gregory Doucette, Timothy Davis, and Stephanie Moore
For pioneering advanced toxin sensor technology to protect U.S. communities from economic and public health impacts of harmful algal blooms..
2015 Barbara French, John Incardona, Jana Labenia, Cathy Laetz, Tiffany Linbo Nathaniel Scholz, and Catherine Sloan
For groundbreaking science on how crude oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill causes heart failure in commercially valuable fish in the Gulf of Mexico.
2013 NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, and Pacific Marine Operations Center.
NWFSC staff included Joint Survey Team members Larry Hufnagle, Rebecca Thomas Einhorn, Dezhang Chu, Alicia Billings, John Pohl, Julia Clemons, Steve deBlois, and Lisa Bonacci; and support staff Anne Baxter, Jeff Bash, Mary Breaker, Allan Hicks, Ian Taylor, Ian Stewart, Cassandra Donovan, Peter Frey, Doug Draper, Aaron Chappell, Dan Kamikawa, Victor Simon and Chris Grandin.
For design and execution of first joint survey of Pacific hake and Pacific sardine with Canadian and industry partners at considerable cost savings.
2010 NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Northwest Regional Office, NOAA Office of General Council for Fisheries
For advancing wide regional agreement on the Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion and its scientific basis.
2008 Richard D. Methot
For developing Stock Synthesis 2, which is used nationally and internationally as a comprehensive statistical tool to assess stocks for sustainable fisheries.
2006 Dr. Vera Trainer
For establishing an internationally recognized research and monitoring program for early warning of harmful algal blooms that reduces economic loss to the U.S. coastal fisheries and is being copied on the Russian Pacific Coast.
2004 Dr. Correigh Greene, LTJG Andrew Hall, LTJG William Mowitt, Dr. William Reichert, Casimir Rice, and Frank Sommers
For their quick and professional response in providing life-saving assistance to a pilot after his plane crashed into the water on May 8, 2003.
2001 Thomas A. Flagg, William C. McAuley, Deborah A. Frost, and Michael R. Wastel
For preventing extinction of Redfish Lake sockeye salmon, the Pacific Northwest's most endangered salmon stock.
1999 Dr. Conrad V.W. Mahnken
For distinguished achievement in the federal service for pioneering research that led to scientific and technological breakthroughs in Pacific salmon enhancement, including salmon hatchery reform.
1997 William W. Stelle, Jr., Garth R. Griffin, James H. Lecky, Laurie A. Weitkamp, Dr. Thomas C. Wainwright, Steven L. Stone, R. Craig Wingert, Gregory J. Bryant, Mary G. Holt, and Michael H. Bancroft
For creativity, teamwork, and tenacity resulting in an unprecedented and complex decision regarding the protection and recovery of coho salmon.
1993 Dr. Usha S. Varanasi
For advancing NOAA's scientific and management capabilities to respond to coastal pollution problems.
1992 John H. Robinson, William R. Pendergrass, Robert C. Clark, Jr., Captain Richard B. Permenter, Dr. Bruce B. Hicks
For outstanding service to NOAA, the Gulf Program Office, and the Interagency Assessment Team in support of Operation Desert Storm.