Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Other Awards


Robin Waples
2018 Molecular Ecology prize
For his work on conservation biology and management, particularly as the leading expert on approaches for using molecular markers to estimate and understand effective population size in natural populations and use of time series analyses. His studies of populations with overlapping generations have illuminated the evolution of life-history changes in species that are harvested by humans, and made important contributions to understanding fisheries populations. By adapting population genetic models to real-life situations, including structured populations with gene flow, and developing statistically rigorous analyses, his contributions have significantly advanced both conservation and evolutionary ecology.


Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Oregon State University
PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award
For jointly maintaining the Newport Line for more than 50 years, yielding new scientific insight into ocean currents, climate patterns such as El Nino and La Nina, and salmon returns to the Columbia River and other parts of the Northwest.

Mark Scheuerell
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Outstanding Reviewer
The Editorial Team of Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences extends sincere thanks to Mark Scheuerell who over the last year have consistently and expeditiously delivered comprehensive, discerning reviews to the Journal's authors.


David Baldwin, Jenifer McIntyre, and Nat Scholz
Salish Sea Science Prize, SeaDoc Society
For science that has profoundly improved policy and management related to the conservation of marine wildlife and the Salish Sea ecosystem.

Dan Holland
2016 Marine Resource Economics' Publication of Enduring Significance Award
For paper published by authors Holland and Brazee in 1996 and titled "Marine Reserves for Fisheries Management," which launched the economics literature on marine reserves for fisheries management, accurately situated marine reserves as a second-best policy, clearly framed the inter-temporal tradeoffs involved in forming marine reserves, and anticipated most of the issues that subsequent literature explored in greater detail.

James Thorson
National Science and Technology Council's Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
For exceptional contributions to quantitative fisheries and marine ecology that have improved stock assessments for harvested and protected species, and will contribute to effective conservation and management of NOAA trust resources.


Thomas M. Scott
2015 Federal Labs Consortium Far West Region Award
For outstanding technology Development of a microparticulate feeder for larval and juvenile fish.

LT Kyle Byer
NOAA CORP Commendation Medal
For her scientific leadership in expanding the bathymetric survey capabilities of the Fisheries Survey Vessel class of ships and her outstanding performance as Operations Officer of the NOAA Ship Pisces for the 2013 and 2014 field seasons.

Tom Good, Steve Copps (West Coast Region), Ed Melvin and Troy Guy (Washington Sea Grant), Rob Suryan and Amanda Gladics (Oregon State University)
Presidential Migratory Seabird Stewardship Award
For preventing migratory seabird mortality in U.S. West Coast groundfish longline fisheries.


George Pess
NOAA Restoration Center Excellence in Restoration Award
For his contribution towards ongoing monitoring efforts and completion of the Elwha Monitoring and Adaptive Management Guidance.

Dan Holland
Honorable Mention for 2013 Outstanding Article Award in the Marine Resource Economics Journal
For his article Making Cents Out of Barter Data from the British Columbia Groundfish ITQ Market.

Robin Waples
NWFSC Senior Scientist, named member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences, effective July 2014.
See the WSAS press release for more information.

Lief Anderson and Todd Lee
(FRAM) received third place for NOAA Fisheries’ Economics and Social Sciences 2014 Best Paper Awards for their paper in Marine Resource Economics entitled, "Untangling the Recreational Value of Wild and Hatchery Salmon."

Stewart Toshach
Exemplary Service Award from NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan For dedication and service during the federal government shutdown.

Tim Beechie
Western Division of the American Fisheries Society 2014 Award of Excellence
For outstanding achievement and exceptional competence in fishery resource applications through monumental works, new methodologies, or multiple successful contributions that benefit our resources and profession.


Robin Waples
Society for Conservation Biology's Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award
For his innovative application of science to resource management and policy.

Mary Moser and Chris Caudill (University of Idaho)
2013 Distinguished Project in Fisheries Engineering and Ecohydrology Award (Honorable Mention)
For their project on lamprey passage at migration barriers on the Columbia River.

NOAA Fisheries Northwest 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions:

Stephanie Moore, Su Kim, Mark Strom, Ruth Howell
NOAA Office of Aquaculture 2012 Education and Outreach Video Contest
For the development of the Environmental Sample Processor video.

George Pess
American Fisheries Society (Washington-BC Chapter) Certificate of Achievement Award
For the collaborative research conducted on the Elwha River over the last decade.

Norma Sands
American Fisheries Society (Washington-BC Chapter) Award of Merit
For her lead role in financial management of the 2011 AFS Meeting in Seattle, which turned out to be the largest, most successful meeting in the history of the organization.


NWFSC Green Team
2012 GreenGov Good Neighbor Award
For its involvement with the local community to establish a successful recycling program.

Steve Ralston, Owen Hamel, and Ray Conser
2011 Fishery Bulletin Best Paper Award
For their article, "A meta-analytic approach to quantifying science uncertainty in stock assessments."


Lyndal L. Johnson
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership's Steward of the Year
For her work on a comprehensive long-term monitoring program that assesses the status and trends in water quality, salmon health and habitat occurrence, vegetation, toxics, and habitat and biological integrity in the Lower Columbia River and Estuary.

Melissa Haltuch
American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists' W.F. Thompson Award
For Best Student Paper in 2009.

Laurie Weitkamp
2010 American Fisheries Society Publication Award
For the best publication for 2010 in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society journal.


Lyndal L. Johnson
The Columbia River Toxics Reduction Workgroup's Columbia River Hero Award
In recognition for her contribution to toxics reduction in the region.

Carl Lian
S. Y. Hong Award
For outstanding paper in the journal Marine Resource Economics.


Keri Baugh, Paul Bentley, Deborah Boylen, Scott Davidson, Joe Duran, Blake Feist, Tom Flagg, Debbie Frost, Brad Gadberry, James Hackett, Ranae Holland, Eric LaHood, Todd Lee, Jerry Leonard, Brian Louderback, Bill O'Neill, John Richards, Tom Ruehle, Cris Schatz, Matt Smith, Mark Tagal, Greg Williams, and Gladys Yanagida
NWFSC Safety Medal
For individual safety achievements.

Jon Buzitis, Brad Gadberry, Dan Lofgren, and Mark Myers
NWFSC Safety Medal
For walk-in cooler clean out, renovation, and relocation of histology chemicals.

Jeff Atkins, Matt Cook, James Hackett, Bryon Kluver, Ken Massee, Ron Marr, Des Maynard, Carlin Mcauley, Louis Tullos, Tom Wade, Mike Wastel
NWFSC Safety Medal
For the Manchester Pump Replacement Project.


Robin Waples
American Fisheries Society William E. Ricker Conservation Award for long-term contributions and worldwide influence on the conservation of wild salmon.

Bob Magie, Scott L. Davidson, Timothy Stentz, Jennifer King, Nick Tolimieri,John LaFargue, Jon McVeigh, Jon Buzitis, Bill Reichert, Linda Rhodes, Patty George, Devin Brakob, Steve Brewer, Richard Boyer, Kinsey Frick, Jen Zamon, Dick Ledgerwood, Sally Clement, Debbie Frost, James Hackett, Jim Simonson, Michael Pollock, Jason Hall, and Dan Lomax
NWFSC Safety Medal for individual safety achievements.

Manchester Research Station
NWFSC Safety Medal for the lowest number of NECSAS (a NOAA-wide safety and environmental compliance audit) findings.

Mukilteo Research Station
NWFSC Safety Medal for the lowest accident rate in 2007.

Point Adams Field Station Station
NWFSC Safety Medal for the largest decrease in NECSAS findings from the 2004 to 2008 audits.


Nathaniel Scholz
ES&T’s Editor’s Choice Award and 2nd runner up of Science Paper of the Year for paper on urban stormwater runoff and impacts on sensory system of salmon, published in 2007.

Newport Research Station
NOAA Leadership Award for their record-setting contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign.

Mark Scheuerell
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.
For nationally and internationally recognized cutting-edge research into salmon population and ecosystem dynamics.

Usha Varanasi
Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award.
Award for Publication Excellence

James Peacock
Award of Excellence for design and layout of the Sound Science report.
Award for Publication Excellence

Vera Trainer
Marine Biotechnology Award of Excellence from the Pan American Biotechnology Association for a groundbreaking paper she co-authored on the resistance and accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) in softshell clams.


Kathi Lefebvre
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. For her many accomplishments in promoting the conservation of endangered fish stocks, the development of a model for studying the impacts of algal toxin exposure on fish and marine mammals, and for outreach efforts to foreign scientists, policymakers, and fisheries managers.

Julie Peddy
University of Washington The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology) Trailblazer Award. For increasing participation of individuals with disabilities in internships at NWFSC and NOAA and improving their potential to succeed in challenging careers.


Dr. John G. Williams
NOAA General Counsel's Award
For exceptional performance and significant contributions to the Office of the General Counsel.

Dr. Phil Roni
The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Dr. Steve Katz and Katie Barnas
Honoree, Public Service Recognition Week
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Dr. Beth Horness
Honoree, Public Service Recognition Week
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Dr. Ashley Steel
Honoree, Public Service Recognition Week
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BiOp group: Dr. Michelle McClure, Dr. Tim Beechie, Tom Cooney, and Dr. Mary Ruckelshaus
Honoree, Public Service Recognition Week
The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site Seattle Federal Executive Board

Potlatch Group: Dr. James Meador, Dr. Karen Peck-Miller, and Lyndal Johnson; Ed Murrell, David Arthaud, Chris Mebane,
and Russ Strach of the NMFS Northwest Regional Office; and Melanie Rowland of NOAA General Counsel
Honoree, Public Service Recognition Week
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Dr. Chris Harvey
Best Scientific Paper Award for a paper published in Fishery Bulletin in 2005.


Dr. Tracy Collier and Dr. Mark Myers
As Members of the West Region National Coastal Assessment Team
Bronze Medal
U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development

Northwest Fisheries Science Center
As part of the Skagit River Basin Group
Coastal America Partnership Award
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Northwest Fisheries Science Center
The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site Youth Employer of the Year
Washington State Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment

Su Kim and Ali Senauer
Award for Publication Excellence
APEX Awards

Dr. Usha Varanasi
Grace Hopper Award for Outstanding Achievement
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Jeff Cowen, Ryan Hicks, Dr. Richard Kang, Vimal Nair, and Brendan Sylvander
Best Presentation, E-GOV category
NOAA TECH 2004 Conference

Victor Simon
Best Exhibit
NOAA TECH 2004 Conference


Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction Team, NWFSC
Champions for Environmental Leadership and Green Government Innovation Award
EPA Region 10

Ecotoxicology Program, NWFSC
Outstanding Achievement Award
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Jim Peacock and Ali Senauer
Award of Excellence
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Dr. John Colt
Award of Excellence
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Cheryl Morisaki
Honorable Mention
Sustained exemplary achievement
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Dr. Usha Varanasi

The next link/button will exit from NWFSC web site Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service