Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Department of Commerce
Silver Medal Employee Awards

The second highest honorary award granted by the Secretary. A Silver Medal recognizes exceptional performance characterized by noteworthy or superlative contributions, which have a direct and lasting impact within the Department. Silver Medals are awarded to individuals, groups (or teams), and organizations. Recipients receive a framed certificate signed by the Secretary.

Center Recipients (in bold)

2009 Ann Byar
For significant contributions in radiation safety, education, and support to NOAA during 2008, enabling continuation of research programs.

Scott Hecht, Tony Hawkes, Arlene Pangelinan, Nathaniel Scholz, David Baldwin, Cathy Laetz, and Angela Somma
For precedent setting analysis establishing that non-lethal impacts from low concentrations of pesticides impair the recovery of endangered salmon.
2007 Randall Absolon, Gordon Axel, Brian Burke, Kinsey Frick, Eric Hockersmith, Byron Iverson, Bruce Jonasson, Mark Kaminski, Darren Ogden, and Samuel Rambo
For cutting-edge radiotelemetry equipment and research techniques to rapidly provide precise data for management decisions to recover listed salmon.
2006 Northwest Fisheries Science Center
For quickly analyzing seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to assure its safety for public consumption following passage of Hurricane Katrina.
2006 Bernadita Anulacion, Jon Buzitis, Tracy Collier, Mark Peterson, Linda Rhodes, Sean Sol, and Gina Ylitalo, Elizabeth Scott-Denton, Shailer Cummings, Jr., and LT William Mowitt.
For conduct of field operations immediately following Hurricane Katrina that were vital for ensuring that seafood was safe for public consumption.
2005 Donna Darm, Steven Stone, Mark Plummer, R. Craig Wingert, Kirsten Erickson, and Daniel Cohen.
For developing a new approach to designating critical habitat for imperiled species that balances species conservation and economic development.
2004 Dr. Phillip Levin
For his ability to uniquely blend ecology and fisheries science to provide new tools for management and for inspiring other scientists to follow his example.
1999 Dr. Michael H. Schiewe and Dr. Robin S. Waples For innovative scientific leadership in advancing the implementation of the Endangered Species Act by introducing new science-based processes.
1997 Dr. Margaret Krahn For developing innovative analytical chemistry methods that were used worldwide to determine the types and levels of contamination in marine species.
1995 Dr. Ramon Conser
For pioneering research on risk-based fishery decision-making methods and contributions to the field of applied fishery stock assessment.
1993 James M. Coe, Michael L. Dahlberg, Shannon M. Fitzgerald, Steven E. Ignell, Dr. Linda L. Jones and Jerry A. Wetherall
For initiating and carrying out scientific evaluations on the impacts of foreign driftnet fishing on the living marine resources of the United States.
1989 Earl F. Prentice
For recognition of his pioneering scientific work in developing the passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag for fish.