Northwest Fisheries Science Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Technology Transfer Award

The Technology Transfer Award recognizes NOAA scientific, engineering, and technical employees for: (1) inventions or other outstanding scientific or technological contributions of value to the United States due to commercial applications and (2) exemplary activities that promote the domestic transfer of science and technology developed within NOAA and result in the use of such science and technology by American industry or business, universities, State or local Government, or other non-Federal parties.

Center Recipients

2017 Ronald B. Johnson
For conducting scientific studies and gaining approval for use of taurine as an essential ingredient in fish feeds.
2015 Ian Taylor
For leading development, management, dissemination and teaching of R4SS to improve the assessment and management of our nation's fisheries resources.
2012 Michael Rust, Ken Massee, Thomas Wade, Matthew Cook
For development and transfer of sablefish hatchery technology to industry and establishment of sablefish as a new marine species for aquaculture in the U.S
2010 Harold Barnett
For development and commercialization of a process to transform fish processing wastes into high quality fish meal and oil for aquaculture feeds.
2007 Bich-Thuy Eberhart, Vera Trainer, and Jack Wekell
For development and commercialization of rapid cost-effective kit to detect algal toxins which threaten human health in U.S. coastal waters.
1999 - Dr. Jerry Babbitt
For innovative research that included development of a new process that employs decanter centrifuge technology for the manufacture of surimi (minced fish flesh).