Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Manchester Research Station

Research at the Manchester Research Station focuses on captive broodstock technology for depressed and endangered fish populations, and the culture, genetics, marking and tagging technology of salmon and marine fish species. A world leader in state-of-the-art salmon culture technology, Manchester was the first research facility in the United States to grow salmon in a marine aquaculture setting. Today, it is one of only a few research facilities in the country where species such as lingcod, rockfish, sablefish, and Pacific halibut are successfully reared. Unique features of the Manchester facility include a large floating marine net-pen complex for understanding the environmental impacts of commercial rearing activities; unique semi-natural and other specialized rearing systems for salmon and marine fish studies; a state-approved salmon quarantine facility; and systems for research and testing of passive integrated transponder tagging technology.

Manchester Research Station
7305 Beach Dr. East
Port Orchard, WA 98366
P.O.Box 130
Manchester, WA 98353-0130
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