Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Newport Research Station

The Newport Research Station is the Center's only ocean-port research facility. This station is located at Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center, which serves as a collaborative research hub for government and university scientists. Areas of research by NWFSC scientists include assessments of West Coast commercial groundfish stocks; studies of interactions among environmental factors and diseases of salmon; investigations of food-web changes in coastal waters related to climate variability and change; and studies on the survival of salmon as they enter the ocean. Unique features of this facility include its proximity to Oregon’s groundfish and salmon industries; accessibility as a gateway to the Northern California Current ecosystem; office and warehouse space, and co-location with NOAA’s Pacific Marine Operations Center and Oregon State University's assets including ocean-going ships and small craft for sampling in local waters, a ship-support facility for ocean-going research vessels; and a visitor center with public aquaria and displays of the Center's research.

Newport Research Station, Bldg. 955
(Located within the Barry Fisher Building of the Hatfield Marine Science Center)
2032 S.E. OSU Drive
Newport, OR 97365-5275
Phone: (541) 867-0500
Fax: (541) 867-0505
Driving directions:
  1. Follow U.S. Highway 101 to the south side of Yaquina Bay.
  2. Follow the signs to the Hatfield Marine Science Center.
  3. Proceed to the east end of the visitor's parking lot.
Download the Newport Research Station fact sheet (PDF).