Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Point Adams Research Station

This research station conducts studies to better understand factors that affect the survival of Pacific salmonids in the Columbia River system from the estuary, plume, and adjacent nearshore ocean. Ecosystem studies include the ecology and survival of juvenile salmonids in the critical transition from freshwater to ocean environment; predator-prey relationships in the near shore ocean; and the environmental impacts of navigational channel maintenance on river ecosystems. Unique features of the facility include research vessels and small craft for sampling in local waters and a strategic location along the Columbia River estuary for estuarine and near shore-ocean studies.

Point Adams
520 Heceta Place
Hammond, OR 97121-0155
P.O. Box 155, Hammond, OR 97121-0155
(503) 861-1818
Fax: (503) 861-2589
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