Northwest Fisheries Science Center

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Northwest Fisheries Science Center Organization Chart

Office of the Science Director
Conservation Biology
Environmental and Fisheries Sciences
Fish Ecology
Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring
Operations, Management and Information
PM: Program Manager

Contractor Affiliations:
1/ Advantage Building Services
2/ Ahtna Environmental, Inc.
3/ CEDO Intercultural
5/ ECS
6/ ERT
7/ IFREMER, French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, Nantes, France
8/ Island County Marine Resources Committee
9/ Leading Solutions
10/ Long Live the Kings
11/ Lynker Technologies
12/ Mukilteo School District
13/ Nature Imagery
14/ NOAA Fisheries
15/ North Gulf Oceanic Society
16/ NRC
17/ Ocean Associates
19/ Pacific Hybreed
21/ Puget Sound Restoration Fund
22/ Quantitative Consultants Inc
23/ Reliance
24/ Sea Grant
25/ Seattle University
26/ Sol-Sea LTD
27/ Southfork Research
28/ The Baldwin Group
29/ Totem Janitorial
30/ UC San Diego
31/ University of Idaho
32/ US Fish & Wildlife
33/ USGS
34/ UW
35/ UW - Friedman
37/ Veteran Conservation Corps.
38/ Volunteer
39/ WA State Dept. Fish & Wildlife
40/ Western Washington University
41/ WSU