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Science Synthesis & Coordination Program

The Science Synthesis & Coordination Program assists the Office of the Science Director in providing overall leadership and coordination for the Center's science programs. The Senior Scientists in the program have broad expertise and understand both the regional and national management needs. The program works across all Divisions in the Center to facilitate and coordinate research priorities in each of the Senior Scientist's areas of expertise.

Population genetics and conservation biology of aquatic species

Robin Waples' research focuses on applying evolutionary and ecological principles to real-world problems in conservation and management of natural populations. Often this involves adapting or modifying standard population genetics models to better comport with life histories of actual species. Particular interests include: identifying conservation units; population genetics of high gene flow species; estimating effective population size; genetic interactions of captive and wild populations; genetic mixture/admixture analysis; evolutionary responses of natural populations to human-altered environments.

Forecasting outbreaks of harmful algal blooms

Stephanie Moore's research focuses on ecological forecasting of outbreaks of harmful algal blooms and pathogens that threaten seafood safety, public health, and the economic value of fisheries. She uses high resolution climate and weather information as well as novel biosensors to a gain a predictive understanding of the organisms that cause these outbreaks and how they interact with the marine environment. She also leads the efforts of wide range of stakeholders under the umbrella of the Puget Sound Partnership to improve transparency, data sharing, and communication of relevant monitoring programs in Puget Sound’s marine waters.