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NOAA Western Region Collaboration Team

NOAA's Western Region Collaboration Team (NOAA West) is one of eight regional teams established to build regional capacity leading to the development of integrated products and services that meet the evolving demands of regional stakeholders.

NOAA West works together to exchange information, leverage resources, and collaborate across NOAA's four service branches and office of research in the eleven-state region of the Western United States. NOAA West focuses its collaborative efforts on regional priorities that are best addressed by a well-coordinated cross-NOAA response. Current collaborative efforts are focused on characterizing and mitigating regional scale extreme weather and climate impacts, improving understanding of complex western water issues, and on coastal-ocean resources management, including regional implementation of National Ocean Policy.

NWFSCs Science Director John Stein and Michelle Stokes (NOAA's Weather Service) are the NOAA West Co-Leads. This dual leadership works well given the sheer geographic expanse and ecological complexity of the region and the density of NOAA activity and physical presence in the region. Timi Vann (NOAA's Weather Service), the full-time Regional Coordinator, manages the team and is responsible for coordinating the
 collaborative activities of this 17-member team
 of senior level scientists, engineers and program managers.