Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Curt E. Whitmire - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Information Technology Specialist

Curt Whitmire checks alignment of scaling lasers on ROPOS remotely operated vehicle


Curt Whitmire is a spatial analyst in the Fishery Resource Analysis & Monitoring Division. He began working at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in January 2003. Curt received an M.S. in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University in 2003 and a B.S. in Biology from Arizona State University in 1997. During his graduate work, Curt examined the relationship between resident groundfish and benthic habitat types at Heceta Bank, Oregon. Incorporating information about habitat associations, and data collected from multibeam sonar, Curt created a map of seabed types across the bank.

Current Research

At NWFSC, Curt provides technical support for several programs in the Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division, conducting spatial analyses of data associated with Pacific coast groundfish surveys and assessments. Collaborating with scientists across NOAA and at academic research institutions, Curt helps plan and conduct research expeditions using a SeaBED-class autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), including participating in field research operations, choosing dive sites, writing mission plans, and processing AUV data streams. Curt is also part of a national working group that compiles information on deep-sea corals and other biogenic structure-forming invertebrates, in order to help inform conservation efforts of these vulnerable marine ecosystems.