Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Michael T. Maher - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Research Ecologist
425-347-6935, x222


Michael began working with the Conservation Biology division here at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center as cartographer and data manager for the Willamette/Lower Columbia Technical Recovery Team. He produced maps and analyzed environmental and salmonid population data to support the TRT's mission of salmon recovery science.

Current Research

Michael helped develop the NWFSC ocean acidification lab and helps to keep day to day operations running smoothly. As a member of the OA group, he currently focuses on species response to elevated pCO2 levels in seawater. Of particular interested to him are the affects of OA on larval pacific krill and copepods, and investigating how natural community assembles in the Puget Sound may change with elevated pCO2. Michael is also interested in seawater carbon chemistry and carbon chemistry monitoring in the Puget Sound.