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Paul Aebersold - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Division Coordinator

Paul  Aebersold


Paul Aebersold started his career with NOAA Fisheries in 1976 as a work-study student at the NW Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, Washington. Upon completion of his A.A.A. degree in Oceanography Technology from Shoreline Community College in 1977, he was hired on as a laboratory technician conducting protein electrophoretic analyses of salmon for population genetic studies. During his 20 plus years of experience in protein electrophoresis, Paul became the laboratory manager where he was responsible for the daily operation of the lab, training new staff members and visiting scientists, confirming data quality through preliminary statistical analyses, and pursuing new techniques and technologies to improve the capability of "genetic stock identification" through protein electrophoresis.

Current Research

In 1999, Paul Aebersold accepted the position of Division Coordinator for the Conservation Biology Division. In this position, Paul oversees the day-to-day administrative operation, management, information, organization, and direction of the Division. Some of his responsibilities as Division Coordinator include managing and monitoring budgets and expenses, organizing and managing divisional data and records through the development and implementation of databases, addressing various requests for information from the Center Director's Office or Headquarters, and assisting divisional staff in various personnel or procurement related tasks.