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Mike J. Ford - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Division Director

Mike Ford


Michael Ford is Director of the Conservation Biology Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center. He joined the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in 1995 as a National Research Council Research Associate, where he worked on using molecular genetic data to study local adaptation in Chinook salmon. Subsequently, he has worked a variety projects related primarily to salmon conservation. He is also the acting Program Manager of the NWFSCs Marine Mammal Program. He received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in population genetics from Cornell University.

Current Research

Current research projects include: estimating the relative reproductive success of hatchery and naturally produced salmon; developing and applying mathematical models to predict rates of domestication; using molecular markers to study natural selection, gene flow, and population structure; applying population viability concepts to salmon harvest management; and using molecular markers to study marine mammal prey preferences.