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Eric Ward - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Statistician (Biology)


Eric Ward joined NOAA Fisheries in 2009 as a research fisheries biologist. Prior to that, he was a NRC post-doctoral fellow with Eli Holmes (also at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center). For his post-doctoral work, he investigated the effects of different covariates on demographic rates of Southern resident orcas. Eric received a Ph.D. in fisheries from the University of Washington (2006), where he received a National Sea Grant/National Marine Fisheries Service fellowship in population dynamics with Ray Hilborn. Eric also has a B.S. in ecology (UC San Diego) and a M.Sc. degree in Biology with Daniel Goodman (Montana State University Bozeman)

Current Research

Eric is a quantitative population ecologist. He currently works on a variety of problems (primarily Bayesian), including population viability, time series analysis, model selection, hierarchical models, reproductive success, and the analysis of stable isotope data. These methods are used to assist status analyses for a variety of populations and species at risk. The latest up to date information can be found here: