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Ruth Howell - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Communications Program Manager

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Ruth Howell is the Communications Program Manager at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center. In this role she oversees external and internal communications, including media and congressional relations, education and outreach, web and social media, graphics, technical editing, and advises on best practices in communications in many contexts. The Communications Program helps scientists share their work to the best audiences and connect resource managers and others to the available scientific information to manage marine and anadromous species and their habitats. We work to create a well-informed public and train a future NOAA workforce that understands earth systems and acts as a steward of coastal and marine ecosystems.

Ruth holds a Masters of Communications in Communities and Networks as well as a Masters of Marine Affairs, both from the University of Washington. Her undergraduate degree was earned at Middlebury College in Biology with a Minor in Anthropology.

Current Responsibilities

Ruth serves as the lead of the Center's Communications Program, a role that involves planning activities, setting priorities, determining resource use and deployment, and adherence to agency policies. She assists leadership in areas pertaining to internal and external communications and serves as a liaison between the Center and the national NOAA Fisheries Communications team. She and the team collaborate closely with their counterparts in West Coast Region to ensure alignment of activities, and cohesive messaging across the science and regulatory enterprises.