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Jennifer Gosselin - Staff Profile

Associate, UW
Job Title:
Guest Researcher

Jennifer  Gosselin


Jennifer is passionate about ecology and is interested in various subdisciplines that help understand patterns and processes occurring in nature, including population dynamics, animal behavior, biology, anthropogenic influences, and climate change. Her previous work include 1) the importance of heterogeneity and resource competition on survival, 2) the effectiveness of gear types surveying nearshore small fishes in the Great Lakes, and 3) how an invasive fish species affects nesting success of a native one. She received a B.Sc. at the University of Toronto (2003), M.Sc. at the University of Toronto at Mississauga (2007), and Ph.D. at the University of Washington (2011). She joined the NWFSC in 2012.

Current Research

Jennifer works on modeling how juvenile migration experience through the Federal Columbia River Hydropower System affects smolt-to-adult survival of wild and hatchery Chinook salmon and steelhead. More recently, she works on indicators of salmon productivity coastwide (British Columbia to California) as indicators of the health of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. She is deciphering the relative influence of freshwater and marine indicators on salmon productivity and determining the relative risks in climate change projections.