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Julia Clemons - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
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As an oceanographer, Julia Clemons has been on 12 research cruises and conducted research on mid-ocean ridge volcanism and submarine mass-wasting for seven years. She has a B.S. in geological oceanography from the University of Washington. Julia began working with the NOAA Vents group studying volcaniceruptions on the Juan de Fuca Ridge in 1993. She left the Vents group in 1996 to complete her M.S. in geology at Vanderbilt University. Julia joined the FRAM Habitat team in 2000 and is studying rockfish habitats on rocky reefs off the Oregon coast. She specializes in seafloor data processing, illustration design, GIS analysis and image processing.

Current Research

Julia's current research focuses on a decadal comparison of the rockfish populations on Heceta Bank. This study has included submersible and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) work to observe and estimate rockfish populations and to quantify their natural habitats. In the summer of 2001, Julia also took part in a research expedition, funded through NOAA's Office of Exploration, to explore Astoria Canyon with an ROV. She and several other researchers are continuing to analyze the data from that expedition. Julia is responsible for quantifying rockfish populations through video transect data analysis, maintaining and updating the GIS database, processing seafloor navigation, bathymetry and sidescan data, and conducting biological, oceanographic and habitat related sampling and other data collection operations aboard research vessels.