Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Stacey Miller - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Acting FRAM Division Coordinator


Stacey received an M.S. in marine resource management with a minor in fisheries science from Oregon State University in 2003, and also holds a B.S. from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in Biology. Stacey began working in fisheries in 1997 as a fishery observer in the North Pacific Groundfish Fishery after developing an interest in fisheries while studying in Baja California Sur. Stacey is continuing her academic studies and is currently enrolled in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University pursuing a Master's in Public Policy.

Current Research

Stacey is the West Coast stock assessment coordinator and a formal member of the Groundfish Analysis program. She coordinates stock assessment activities for West Coast groundfish including coordinating peer review panels, providing outreach to fishery managers and constituents on the topic of stock assessment, and reports on the stock status of West Coast groundfish.

Stacey is also an informal member of the Economics program, also in the FRAM division. She is working in collaboration with members of the Human Dimensions team in the CB division on a national effort to develop and evaluate social vulnerability indicators in West Coast fishing communities. This research will contribute to a broader regional and national project to develop social vulnerability indicators used to enhance social impact assessments of proposed fishery management measures.