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Jon Dickey - Staff Profile

Contractor, UW
Job Title:
Research Scientist

Jon  Dickey


Jon Dickey completed a B.S. in Microbiology at the University of Washington in 1986. He learned molecular biology techniques while working as a research technologist in the University of Washington's Pathology Department. Jon came to the Center in 1991 to work as a technician with Penny Swanson. He returned to graduate school and obtained a Masters degree from the University of Washington's School of Fisheries in 1996. He is currently employed by the University of Washington but is conducting collaborative research with NWFSC scientists.

Current Research

Jon is the lab manager for the Center's Physiology Team. He collaborates on a variety of projects related to salmon reproductive physiology. Jon is developing molecular assays to study gene regulation of hormones. He studies endocrine mechanisms that control growth and reproduction in salmonids and studies mechanisms whereby growth influences the onset of puberty in salmon. Jon also trains graduate students and helps with field sampling for studies related to hatchery reform.