Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Tiffani Marsh - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Supervisory Research Fish Biologist


Tiffani Marsh has worked at the NWFSC since 1990. She began by assisting in the study of wild Chinook salmon migration patterns. Her first project leadership role occurred when new juvenile salmonid bypass facilities were constructed at Lower Monumental and McNary dams. She was tasked with evaluating whether the facilities safely passed fish. Tiffani received her B.A. in zoology from Miami University.

Current Research

Tiffani is currently involved in studies that evaluate the effects of smolt transportation from hydroelectric projects on the Snake and Columbia rivers, the effects of smolt tranport on steelhead straying, the affects of the lower Snake River dams on latent mortality, and hydrosystem survival. She is also involved in advancing PIT-tag technology within the Columbia River basin and serves as the NOAA Fisheries representative on the steering committee that oversees implementation of PIT-tag technology in the basin.