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Sarah Morley - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Research Fish Biologist

Sarah Morley



Sarah is a field ecologist whose research focuses on biological assessment: using biota to evaluate the condition of a place and better identify the causes of degradation. Within this broad framework, she has conducted research on the effects of urbanization on the health of Puget Sound  streams and estuaries and evaluated the effectiveness of various restoration actions across the Pacific Northwest. Sarah holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from UC Berkeley and an M.S. in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences from the University of Washington.



Current Research

Sarah's current research projects include examining the effects of Elwha River dam removal on aquatic foodwebs, and the potential of green stormwater infrastructure to improve the health of urban streams. Recently completed projects include a study of shoreline armoring in the Duwamish River estuary and restoration of off-channel habitats in the Skagit, Quillayute, and Hoh River basins.