Northwest Fisheries Science Center

G. Curtis Roegner - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Research Fishery Biologist


Curtis Roegner studied oysters at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science for his master's degree and clams at Dalhousie University for his Ph.D. He then headed west to investigate the estuarine-ocean exchange in Pacific Northwest coastal systems and has been working at NWFSC's Point Adams research station since July 2001. Curtis' emphasis has been on mechanisms controlling invertebrate recruitment and phytoplankton abundance.

Current Research

Curtis is currently researching juvenile salmonid habitat in the lower Columbia River estuary. One aspect of his research includes use of light traps to collect time series data on juvenile fish abundance. Another project involves investigating biophysical properties of frontal regions in the lower estuary. Curtis is also working on collaborative projects in Willapa Bay. These projects are aimed at determining nutrient fluxes through oyster habitat and understanding variations in crab recruitment in several Pacific Northwest estuaries.