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Gary Winans - Staff Profile

Federal, NOAA Fisheries
Job Title:
Research Geneticist

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Gary's first pursued his interest in geographic variation of morphometric and genetic characters of fishes while a student at the University of Hawaii (Ph.D., 1980). As an NRC fellow at the Center, he used multivariate morphometrics to describe body shape changes associated with smoltification, and later worked extensively with various genetic data sets for mixed-stock fisheries of chum and chinook salmon, and steelhead. He has a B.S. from Michigan State University and an M.S. in biological oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology.

Current Research

Gary continues to pursue his interest in the relationship of  phenotypic and genetic variability. He is currently finishing his studies of genetic changes associated with resident populations isolated upstream behind barriers and how these resident fish can be monitored if and when they genetically interact with recolonizing anadromous steelhead.  He is also pursuing studies of multiple species of marine animals in the Salish Sea, including English sole, spot prawn, and the dog whelk, testing the null hypothesis of panmixia and/or morphological homogeneity.  He is also retrieving benthic plates called ARMS after two years in three locales in Puget Sound to catelog species diversity with traditional and DNA barcoding techniques as part of a world wide NOAA project.