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Ford, M. J., M. A. Bellman, S. Copps, C. K. Emmons, J. Drake, T. P. Good, R. G. Gustafson, M. B. Hanson, G. Hanshew, E. E. Holmes. 2012. Risk assessment of U.S. West Coast groundfish fisheries to threatened and endangered marine species. Report of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Fisheries Science Center. Seattle, Washington.Go to metadata icon

Drake, J., E. A. Berntson, J. M. Cope, R. G. Gustafson, E. E. Holmes, P. S. Levin, N. Tolimieri, R. S. Waples, S. Sogard, G. D. Williams. 2010. Status review of five rockfish species in Puget Sound, Washington:  Bocaccio (Sebastes paucispinis), canary rockfish (S. pinniger), yelloweye rockfish (S. ruberrimus), greenstriped rockfish (S. elongatus), and redstripe rockfish (S. proriger). U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-NWFSC-108.Go to metadata icon

Gustafson, R. G., M. J. Ford, D. J. Teel, J. Drake. 2010. Status review of eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) in Washington, Oregon, and California. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-NWFSC-105.Go to metadata icon

Gustafson, R. G., J. Drake, M. J. Ford, J. M. Myers, E. E. Holmes, R. S. Waples. 2006. Status review of Cherry Point Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) and updated status review of the Georgia Basin Pacific herring distinct population segment under the Endangered Species Act. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-NWFSC-76.Go to metadata icon

Moran, P., D. J. Teel, E. LaHood, J. Drake, S. T. Kalinowski. 2006. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Standardizing multi-laboratory microsatellite data in Pacific salmon: An historical view of the future. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 15(4):597-605.Go to metadata icon

Waples, R. S., J. Drake. 2004. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Risk-benefit considerations for marine stock enhancement:  a Pacific salmon perspective. Pages 260-306 in Leber, K. M., S. Kitada, H. L. Blankenship, T. Svasand. (Eds.) Stock enhancement and sea ranching:  developments, pitfalls and opportunities. Second edition. Wiley-Blackwell. Hoboken, New Jersey.Go to metadata icon