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Busch, D. S., J. Bennett-Mintz, C. T. Armstrong, E. Jewett, D. Gledhill, E. Ombres. 2018. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site NOAA Ocean Acidification Program: Taking Stock and Looking Forward, A summary of the 2017 Principal Investigator's Meeting. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., OAR-OAP-1, 52 p.Go to metadata icon

Hodgson, E. E., I. C. Kaplan, K. Marshall, J. L. Leonard, T. E. Essington, D. S. Busch, E. A. Fulton, C. J. Harvey, A. J. Hermann, P. McElhany. 2018. Consequences of spatially variable ocean acidification in the California Current: lower pH drives strongest declines in benthic species in southern regions while greatest economic impacts occur in northern regions. Ecological Modelling.Go to metadata icon

Neuman, M. J., S. Wang, S. Busch, C. Friedman, K. Gruenthal, R. G. Gustafson, D. Kushner, K. Stierhoff, G. VanBlaricom, S. Wright. 2018. A Status Review of Pinto Abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) Along the West Coast of North America: Interpreting Trends, Addressing Uncertainty, and Assessing Risk for a Wide-ranging Marine Invertebrate. Journal of Shellfish Research, 37(4):869-910. doi:10.2983/035.037.0415Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., P. McElhany. 2017. Using mineralogy and higher-level taxonomy as indicators of species sensitivity to pH: A case-study of Puget Sound. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene.Go to metadata icon

Marshall, K. N., I. C. Kaplan, E. E. Hodgson, A. J. Hermann, D. S. Busch, P. McElhany, T. E. Essington, C. J. Harvey, E. A. Fulton. 2017. Risks of ocean acidification on the California Current food web and fisheries: ecosystem model projections. Global Change Biology. doi:10.1111/gcb.13594Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., R. Griffis, J. S. Link, K. Abrams, J. Baker, R. E. Brainard, M. Ford, J. A. Hare, A. Himes-Cornell, A. Hollowed, N. Mantua, S. McClatchie, M. M. McClure, M. W. Nelson, K. Osgood, M. B. Rust, V. Saba, M. Sigler, S. Sykora-Bodie, C. L. Toole, E. Thunberg, R. S. Waples, R. Merrick. 2016.  Climate Science Strategy of the US National Marine Fisheries Service. Marine Policy 74:58-67.Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., P. McElhany. 2016. Estimates of the Direct Effect of Seawater pH on the Survival Rate of Species Groups in the California Current Ecosystem. PLoS ONE, 11(8):e0160669. doi:doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0160669Go to metadata icon

McLaskey, A. K., J. E. Keister, P. McElhany, M. B. Olson, D. S. Busch, M. Maher, A. K. Winans. 2016. Impaired development of krill larvae (Euphausia pacifica) reared at pCO2 levels currently observed in the Northeast Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series.Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., M. J. O'Donnell, I. C. Kaplan, E. Ramanujam. 2015. Stress Tests for the Sea: Can Fisheries Withstand Ocean Acidification? Retrieved from Earthzine (, The next link will exit from NWFSC web site. Go to metadata icon

Busch, D.S., M.J. O’Donnell, C. Hauri, K.J. Mach, M. Poach, S.C. Doney, and
S.R. Signorini. 2015. Understanding, characterizing, and communicating responses
to ocean acidification: Challenges and uncertainties. Oceanography 28(2):30–39, to metadata icon

Link, J., R. Griffis, D. S. Busch. (Eds.) 2015. NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-F/SPO-155, 70 p.Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., M. Maher, P. Thibodeau, P. McElhany. 2014. Shell condition and survival of Puget Sound pteropods are impaired by ocean acidification conditions. PLoS ONE, 22.Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., P. McElhany, M. H. Ruckelshaus, D. A. Boughton, T. Cooney, P. W. Lawson, S. T. Lindley, M. M. McClure, N. J. Sands, B. C. Spence, T. C. Wainwright, T. H. Williams. 2013. A Practical Comparison of Viability Models Used for Management of Endangered and Threatened Anadromous Pacific Salmonids. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 33:1125-1141. doi:10.1080/02755947.2013.824933Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., C. M. Greene, T. P. Good. 2013. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Estimating effects of tidal power projects and climate change on threatened and endangered marine species and their food web. Conservation Biology, 27(6):1190-1200.Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., M. B. Sheer, K. M. Burnett, P. McElhany, T. Cooney. 2013. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Landscape-level model to predict spawning habitat for Lower Columbia fall Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). River Research and Applications, 29(3):297-312. doi:10.1002/rra.1597Go to metadata icon

Busch, D. S., C. J. Harvey, P. McElhany. 2013. Potential impacts of ocean acidification on the Puget Sound food web. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70(4):823-833. doi:doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fst061Go to metadata icon

McElhany, P., D. S. Busch. 2013. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Appropriate pCO2 treatments in ocean acidification experiments. Marine Biology, 160(8):1807-1812.Go to metadata icon

The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Ruckelshaus, W.D., J.J. Manning, L. Ayers, B. Blake, S. Bloomfield, D. S. Busch, C. Davis, B. Dewey, N. Dicks, R.A. Feely, C. Friedman, P. Goldmark, S. Kendall, T. Klinger, M. McCarty, D.J. McLerran, E. Miles, J. Newton, B. Peabody, K. Ranker, J. Ruesink, R. Sims, N. Smith, T. Sturdevant, D. Swecker, G. Waldbusser, B. Warren, and T. Williams (2012): Ocean Acidification: From Knowledge to Action, Washington State’s Strategic Response. H. Adelsman and L. Whitely Binder (eds.), Washington State Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification, Washington Department of Ecology, Olympia, Washington, Publication no. 12-01-015, to metadata icon

Ainsworth, C., J.F. Samhouri, D.S. Busch, W.L. Cheung, J.P. Dunne, T.A. Okey. 2011. Potential impacts of climate change on Northeast Pacific marine food webs and fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68: 1217-1229.Go to metadata icon

R. A. Feely, C. Sabine, R. Wanninkhof, S. R. Alin, E. Jewett, D. K. Gledhill, J. Dunne, P. McElhany, A. J. Sutton, D. S. Busch, F. Arzayus, B. Sunda, J. Geubtner, J. Hare, O. Vetter, and S. Hankin (2010). Rationale and Strategy for a National Ocean Acidification Program in NOAA Ocean and Great Lakes Acidification Research Plan, Feely, R. A., R. Wanninkhof, J. Stein, M. F. Sigler, E. Jewett, F. Arzayus, D. K. Gledhill, and A. J. Sutton (eds.) NOAA Special Report, pp. 1-29.Go to metadata icon