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Shelton, A. O., C. J. Harvey, J. F. Samhouri, K. S. Andrews, B. E. Feist, K. E. Frick, N. Tolimieri, G. Williams, L. Antrim, H. D. Berry. In press. From the predictable to the unexpected: kelp forest and benthic invertebrate community dynamics following decades of sea otter expansion. Oecologia.Go to metadata icon

Tallis, H., G. Bratman, J. F. Samhouri, J. Fargione. In press. Are California Elementary School Test Scores More Strongly Associated with Urban Trees Than Poverty? Frontiers in Environmental Psychology.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., J. Bizzaro. 2018. ECOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT as a Prioritization Tool to Support California Fisheries Management. Report to CDFW California Ocean Science Trust, 51 p.Go to metadata icon

Watson, J., E. Fuller, F. Castruccio, J. F. Samhouri. 2018. Fishermen Follow Fine-scale Physical Ocean Features For Finance. Science.Go to metadata icon

Buckner, E., D. Hernandez, J. F. Samhouri. 2017. Conserving connectivity: human influence on subsidy transfer and relevant restoration efforts. Ambio.Go to metadata icon

Fuller, E., J. F. Samhouri, J. Stoll, J. Watson, S. A. Levin. 2017. Human Connectivity in Social-Ecological Systems. Science.Go to metadata icon

Harvey, C., N. Garfield, G. Williams, K. Andrews, C. Barceló, K. Barnas, S. Bograd, R. Brodeur, B. Burke, J. Cope, L. deWitt, J. Field, J. Fisher, C. Greene, T. Good, E. Hazen, D. Holland, M. Jacox, S. Kasperski, S. Kim, A. Leising, S. Melin, C. Morgan, S. Munsch, K. Norman, W. T. Peterson, M. Poe, J. Samhouri, I. Schroeder, W. Sydeman, J. Thayer, A. Thompson, N. Tolimieri, A. Varney, B. Wells, T. Williams, and J. Zamon. 2017. Ecosystem Status Report of the California Current for 2017: A Summary of Ecosystem Indicators Compiled by the California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Team (CCIEA). U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-139.Go to metadata icon

Helyer, J., J. F. Samhouri. 2017. Fishing and environmental influences on herbivorous fish biomass across the Hawaiian Archipelago. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 575:1-15. doi: to metadata icon

Holsman, K. K., J. F. Samhouri, G. Cook, E. L. Hazen, E. Olsen, M. Dillard, S. K. Gaichas, C. Kelble, M. J. Fogarty, K. S. Andrews. 2017. An ecosystem-based approach to risk assessment. Ecosystem Health & Sustainability, 3:e01256. doi:10.1002/ehs2.1256Go to metadata icon

Kagley, A. N., K. E. Frick, K. L. Fresh, L. Ward, D. Morrill, J. F. Samhouri. 2017. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Spatial and temporal variability in nearshore forage fish communities in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In McLaughlin, G. (Ed.) In-stream flow restoration: making the hydrograph. 2017 Salmon Recovery Conference, 25-27 April 2017, Wenatchee, WA. Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, Olympia.Go to metadata icon

Kelly, R. P., C. Closek, J. L. O'Donnell, J. Kralj, A. O. Shelton, J. F. Samhouri. 2017. Genetic and Manual Survey Methods Yield Different and Complementary Views of an Ecosystem. Frontiers in Marine Science.Go to metadata icon

O'Donnell, J. L., R. P. Kelly, A. O. Shelton, J. F. Samhouri, N. Lowell, G. D. Williams. 2017. Spatial dispersion of environmental DNA in a nearshore marine habitat. PeerJ.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., K. S. Andrews, G. Fay, C. J. Harvey, E. L. Hazen, S. Hennessey, K. K. Holsman, M. E. Hunsicker, S. I. Large, K. Marshall, A. C. Stier, J. Tam, S. Zador. 2017. Defining ecosystem thresholds for human activities and environmental pressures in the California Current. Ecosphere.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., A. C. Stier, S. Hennessey, M. Novak, B. S. Halpern, P. S. Levin. 2017. Rapid and direct recoveries of predators and prey through synchronized ecosystem management. Nature Ecology and Evolution.Go to metadata icon

Stier, A. C., C. D. Stallings, J. F. Samhouri, M. Albins. 2017. Biodiversity effects of the predation gauntlet. Coral Reefs.Go to metadata icon

Tam, J., J. S. Link, S. I. Large, K. S. Andrews, K. D. Friedland, J. Gove, E. L. Hazen, K. K. Holsman, M. Karnauskas, J. F. Samhouri, R. Shuford, N. Tolimieri, S. Zador. 2017. COMPARING APPLES TO ORANGES:COMMON TRENDS IN ANTHROPOGENIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESSURES ACROSS MULTIPLE MARINE ECOSYSTEMS. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4:282. doi:10.3389/fmars.2017.00282Go to metadata icon

Tommasi, D., A. J. Hobday, R. D. Methot, I. C. Kaplan, J. P. Eveson, K. K. Holsman, T. J. Miller, S. K. Gaichas, M. Gehlen, A. Pershing, G. A. Vecchi, R. Msadek, T. Delworth, M. Eakin, M. A. Haltuch, R. Sefarian, C. Spillman, J. R. Hartog, S. A. Siedlecki, J. F. Samhouri, B. Muhling, R. Ash, M. L. Pinsky, V. Saba, S. Kapnick, C. F. Gaitan, R. R. Rykaczewski, M. A. Alexander, Y. Xue, K. Pegion, P. D. Lynch, M. R. Payne, T. Kristiansen, P. Lehodey, C. Werner. 2017. Managing living marine resources in a dynamic environment: the role of seasonal to decadal climate forecasts. Progress in Oceanography, 152:15-49.Go to metadata icon

Kelly, R. P., J. L. O'Donnell, N. Lowell, A. O. Shelton, J. F. Samhouri, S. Hennessey, B. E. Feist, G. Williams. 2016. Genetic signatures of ecological diversity along an urbanization gradient. PeerJ, 4:e2444. doi:10.7717/peerj.2444Go to metadata icon

Shelton, A. O., J. L. O'Donnell, J. F. Samhouri, N. Lowell, G. D. Williams, R. Kelly. 2016. A framework for inferring biological communities from environmental DNA. Ecological Applications.Go to metadata icon

Stier, A. C., J. F. Samhouri, K. N. Marshall, E. J. Ward, M. Novak, P. S. Levin. 2016. Ecosystem Context and Historical Contingency in Apex Predator Recoveries. Science Advances, 2(5):e1501769. doi:10.1126/sciadv.1501769Go to metadata icon

Stier, A. C., J. F. Samhouri, S. Gray, R. G. Martone, M. Mach, B. S. Halpern, C. Kappel, C. Scarborough, P. S. Levin. 2016. Integrating expert perceptions into food web conservation and management". Conservation Letters. doi:10.1111/conl.12245Go to metadata icon

Andrews, K. S., G. D. Williams, J. F. Samhouri, K. N. Marshall, V. V. Gertseva, P. S. Levin. 2015. The legacy of a crowded ocean: indicators, status, and trends of anthropogenic pressures in the California Current ecosystem. Environmental Conservation, 42(2):139-151. doi:10.1017/S0376892914000277Go to metadata icon

Marshall, K. N., A. C. Stier, J. F. Samhouri, R. P. Kelly, E. J. Ward. 2015. Conservation challenges of predator recovery. Conservation Letters.Go to metadata icon

Selkoe, K. A., P. S. Levin, J. F. Samhouri. 2015. Principles for managing marine ecosystems prone to tipping points. Ecosystem Health & Sustainability, 1. doi:10.1890/EHS14-0024.1Go to metadata icon

Thorson, J. T., J. Cope, K. Kleisner, J. F. Samhouri, A. O. Shelton, E. J. Ward. 2015. Giants' shoulders 15 years later: Lessons, challenges, and guidelines in fisheries meta-analysis. Fish and Fisheries, 16(2):342361. doi:DOI: 10.1111/faf.12061Go to metadata icon

Boldt, J. L., R. G. Martone, J. F. Samhouri, R. I. Perry, S. Itoh, I. K. Chung, M. Takahashi, N. Yoshie. 2014. Developing ecosystem indicators for responses to multiple stressors. Oceanography.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., S. Kim, C. I. Zhang, M. J. Fogarty. 2014. Ecosystem-Based Management in Temperate Continental Shelf Systems. In Fogarty, M. J., J. J. McCarthy. (Eds.) Marine Ecosystem-Based Management. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.Go to metadata icon

Shelton, A.O., J.F. Samhouri, A.C. Stier, and P.S. Levin. 2014. Assessing trade-offs to inform ecosystem-based fisheries management of forage fish. Scientific Reports 4:7110  DOI: 10.1038/srep07110Go to metadata icon

Tallis, H., P. S. Levin, J. F. Samhouri, &. 238 Co-authors. 2014. A call for inclusive conservation. Nature, 515:27-28.Go to metadata icon

Halpern, B. S., C. Longo, K. L. McLeod, R. Cooke, B. Fischhoff, J. F. Samhouri, C. Scarborough. 2013. Elicited preferences for components of ocean health in the California Current. Marine Policy.Go to metadata icon

Kleisner, K., C. Longo, M. Coll, B. S. Halpern, D. Hardy, F. Le Manach, D. Pauly, A. A. Rosenberg, J. F. Samhouri, C. Scarborough, U. R. Sumaila, R. Watson, D. Zeller. 2013. Exploring patterns of seafood provision revealed in the Ocean Health Index. Ambio, 42(8):910-922. doi:10.1007/s13280-013-0447-xGo to metadata icon

Leslie, H. A., E. Goldman, K. L. McLeod, L. Sievanen, H. Balasubramanian, A. Feuerstein, N. Knowlton, K. Lee, R. Pollnac, J. F. Samhouri. 2013. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site How good science and stories can go hand-in-hand. Conservation Biology, 27(5):1126-1129. doi:10.1111/cobi.12080Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., A. Haupt, P. S. Levin, J. Link, R. Shuford. 2013. Lessons learned from developing integrated ecosystem assessments to inform marine ecosystem-based management in the USA. ICES Journal of Marine Science. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fst141Go to metadata icon

Tolimieri, N., Samhouri, J.F., Simon, V., Feist, B.E. & Levin, P.S. (2013) Linking the trophic fingerprint of groundfishes to ecosystem structure and function in the California Current. Ecosystems, 16, 1216-1229.Go to metadata icon

White, J. W., A. Rassweiler, J. F. Samhouri, A. C. Stier, C. White. 2013. Ecologists should not use statistical significance tests to interpret simulation model results. Oikos.Go to metadata icon

Arkema, K. K., J. F. Samhouri. 2012. Linking ecosystem health and services to inform marine ecosystem-based management. Pages 9-25 in Stephenson, R., J. Annala, J. Runge, M. Hall-Arber. (Eds.) Advancing an Ecosystem Approach in the Gulf of Maine. American Fisheries Society.Go to metadata icon

Halpern, B. S., K. L. McLeod, C. Longo, D. Hardy, J. F. Samhouri, S. K. Katona, K. Kleisner, S. E. Lester, J. O'Leary, M. Ranelletti, A. A. Rosenberg, C. Scarborough, E. R. Selig, B. D. Best, D. R. Brumbaugh, F. S. Chapin, L. B. Crowder, K. L. Daly, S. C. Doney, C. Elfes, M. J. Fogarty, S. D. Gaines, K. I. Jacobsen, L. B. Karrer, H. Leslie, E. Neeley, D. Pauly, S. Polasky, B. Ris. 2012. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site An index to assess the health and benefits of the global ocean. Nature, 488:615-620.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., P. S. Levin. 2012. Linking land- and sea-based activities to risk in coastal ecosystems. Biological Conservation. Biological Conservation, 145:118-129. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2011.10.021Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., S. E. Lester, E. R. Selig, B. S. Halpern, M. J. Fogarty, C. Longo, K. L. McLeod. 2012. Sea sick? Setting targets to assess ocean health and ecosystem services. Ecosphere, 3(5):41. doi: to metadata icon

Ainsworth, C., J.F. Samhouri, D.S. Busch, W.L. Cheung, J.P. Dunne, T.A. Okey. 2011. Potential impacts of climate change on Northeast Pacific marine food webs and fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68: 1217-1229.Go to metadata icon

Andrews, K. S., N. Tolimieri, G. D. Williams, J. F. Samhouri, C. J. Harvey, P. S. Levin. 2011. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Comparison of fine-scale acoustic monitoring systems using home range size of a demersal fish. Marine Biology, 158:2377-2387. doi:10.1007/s00227-011-1724-5Go to metadata icon

Botsford, L. W., J. W. White, M. D. Holland, J. F. Samhouri, A. Hastings. 2011. Importance of age structure in models of the response of upper tropic levels to fishing and climate change. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 68(6):1270-1283. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsr042Go to metadata icon

James, C. A., J. Kershner, J. F. Samhouri, S. M. O'Neill, P. S. Levin. 2011. A Hierarchical Approach for Evaluating Water Quality Indicators for Use in Ecosystem-based Management. PLoS ONE, 6(10):e25248. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025248Go to metadata icon

Kershner, J., J.F. Samhouri, C.A. James, and P.S. Levin. 2011. Selecting indicator portfolios for marine species and food webs: a Puget Sound case study. PLoS One 6(10): e25248.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., P. S. Levin, C. A. James, J. Kershner, G. Williams. 2011. Using Existing Scientific Capacity to Set Targets for Ecosystem-based Management: A Puget Sound Case Study. Marine Policy, 35:508-518. doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2010.12.002Go to metadata icon

White, J. W., J. F. Samhouri. 2011. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Oceanographic coupling across three trophic levels shapes source-sink dynamics in marine metacommunities. Oikos, 120(8):1151-1164. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0706.2010.19226.xGo to metadata icon

Harvey, C. J., K. K. Bartz, J. R. Davies, T. B. Francis, T. P. Good, A. D. Guerry, M. B. Hanson, K. K. Holsman, J. Miller, M. Plummer, J. C. Reum, L. D. Rhodes, C. A. Rice, J. F. Samhouri, G. D. Williams, N. J. Yoder, P. S. Levin, M. H. Ruckelshaus. 2010. A mass-balance model for evaluating food web structure and community-scale indicators in the cental basin of Puget Sound. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-NWFSC-106.Go to metadata icon

Levin, P. S., J. F. Samhouri, M. Damon. 2010. Developing Meaningful Marine Ecosystem Indicators In The Face Of A Changing Climate. Stanford Journal of Law, Science and Policy, 2:37-48.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J.F., P.S. Levin, C.H. Ainsworth. 2010. Identifying thresholds for ecosystem-based management. PLoS One 5: e8907.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J.F., P.S. Levin, C.J. Harvey. 2009. Quantitative evaluation of marine ecosystem indicator performance using food web models. Ecosystems 12: 1283-1298.Go to metadata icon