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Fuhrman, A. E., D. A. Larsen, E. A. Steel, G. Young, B. R. Beckman. 2017. Chinook salmon emergence phenotypes: describing the relationships between temperature, emergence timing, and condition factor in a reaction norm framework. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. doi:10.1111/eff.12351Go to metadata icon

Chittaro, P. M., R. W. Zabel, B. R. Beckman, D. A. Larsen, A. E. Tillotson. 2015. Validation of daily increment formation in otoliths from spring Chinook salmon. Northwest Science, 89(1):93-98. doi: to metadata icon

Steel, E. A., A. E. Tillotson, D. A. Larsen, A. H. Fullerton, K. P. Denton, B. R. Beckman. 2012. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Beyond the mean: The role of variability in predicting ecological effects of stream temperature on salmon. Ecosphere, 3(11):104.Go to metadata icon