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Jannot, J. E., K. A. Somers, V. Tuttle, J. McVeigh, J. V. Carretta, and V. Helker. 2018. Observed and Estimated Marine Mammal Bycatch in U.S. West Coast Groundfish Fisheries, 2002-16. U.S. Department of Commerce, NWFSC Processed Report 2018-03.Go to metadata icon

Jannot, J. E., T. Good, V. Tuttle, A. M. Eich, and S. Fitzgerald, editors. 2018. U.S. West Coast and Alaska Trawl Fisheries Seabird Cable Strike Mitigation Workshop, November 2017: Summary Report. U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-142Go to metadata icon

Somers, K. A., J. E. Jannot, K. Richerson, V. Tuttle, and J. McVeigh. 2018. Fisheries Observation Science Program Coverage Rates, 2002-17. U.S. Department of Commerce, NWFSC Processed Report 2018-02.Go to metadata icon

Somers, K. A., J. E. Jannot, V. Tuttle, N. B. Riley, and J. McVeigh. 2018. Observed and Estimated Total Bycatch of Salmon in U.S. West Coast Fisheries, 2002-16. U.S. Department of Commerce, NWFSC Processed Report 2018-01.Go to metadata icon

Stock, B., E. J. Ward, J. T. Thorson, J. E. Jannot, B. X. Semmens. 2018. The utility of spatial model-based estimators of unobserved bycatch. ICES Journal of Marine Science, fsy153. doi: to metadata icon

Gladics AJ, EF Melvin, RM Suryan, TP Good, JE Jannot, and TJ Guy. 2017. Fishery-specific solutions to seabird bycatch in the U.S. West Coast sablefish fishery. Fisheries Research 196: 85-95.Go to metadata icon

Thorson, J. T., K. A. Somers, J. E. Jannot. 2017. Using spatio-temporal models of population growth and movement to monitor overlap between human impacts and fish populations. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52(2):577587. doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12664Go to metadata icon

Bjorkland, R., D. C. Dunn, M. M. McClure, J. E. Jannot, M. A. Bellman, M. Gleason, K. Schiffers. 2015. Spatiotemporal patterns of rockfish bycatch in US west coast groundfish fisheries: opportunities for reducing incidental catch of depleted species. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.Go to metadata icon

Ward, E. J., J. E. Jannot, Y. Lee, K. Ono, A. O. Shelton, J. T. Thorson. 2015. Using spatiotemporal species distribution models to identify temporally evolving hotspots of species co-occurrence. Ecological Applications.Go to metadata icon

Jannot, J.E. and D.S. Holland 2013. Identifying ecological and fishing drivers of bycatch in a U.S. groundfish fishery. Ecological Applications 23(7):1645-58.Go to metadata icon

Holland, D.S., Jannot, J.E., 2112. Bycatch risk pools for the US West Coast Groundfish Fishery, Ecol. Econ. 78:132-147.doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2012.04.010Go to metadata icon