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Brodeur, R. D., M. E. Hunsicker, A. Hann, T. W. Miller. In press. Effects of warming ocean conditions on feeding ecology of small pelagic fishes in a coastal upwelling ecosystem: a shift to gelatinous food sources. Marine Ecology Progress Series.Go to metadata icon

Hunsicker, M. E., S. J. Bograd, L. G. Crozier, S. McClatchie, J. A. Morris Jr., W. T. Peterson, C. Price. 2018. Climate change impacts on fisheries and aquaculture of the United States: California Current. Pages 165-176 in Phillips, B. F., M. Pérez-Ramírez. (Eds.) Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture. Wiley Blackwell.Go to metadata icon

Marshall, K. N., J. T. Duffy-Anderson, E. Ward, S. Anderson, M. E. Hunsicker, B. Williams. 2018. Long-term trends in ichthyoplankton assemblage structure, biodiversity, and community synchrony in the Gulf of Alaska and their relationships to ocean conditions. Progress in Oceanography.Go to metadata icon

Samhouri, J. F., K. S. Andrews, G. Fay, C. J. Harvey, E. L. Hazen, S. Hennessey, K. K. Holsman, M. E. Hunsicker, S. I. Large, K. Marshall, A. C. Stier, J. Tam, S. Zador. 2017. Defining ecosystem thresholds for human activities and environmental pressures in the California Current. Ecosphere.Go to metadata icon

Shelton, A. O., M. E. Hunsicker, E. J. Ward, B. E. Feist, R. Blake, C. L. Ward, B. Williams, J. T. Duffy-Anderson, A. Hollowed, A. C. Haynie. 2017. Spatio-temporal models reveal subtle changes to demersal communities following the Exxon Valdez oil spill. ICES Journal of Marine Science.Go to metadata icon

Litzow, M. A., M. E. Hunsicker. 2016. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Early warning signals, nonlinearity, and signs of hysteresis in real ecosystems. Ecosphere, 7(12):e01614.Go to metadata icon

Puerta, P., M. E. Hunsicker, M. Hidalgo, P. Reglero, L. Ciannelli, A. Esteban, M. Gonzalez, A. Quetglas. 2016. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Community-environment interactions explain octopus-shark spatial overlap. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 73(7):1901-1911.Go to metadata icon

Hunsicker, M. E., L. Ciannelli, K. M. Bailey, J. A. Buckel, J. W. White, J. S. Link, T. E. Essington, S. Gaichas, T. Anderson, R. D. Brodeur, K. Chan, K. Chen, G. Englund, K. T. Frank, V. Freitas, M. A. Hixon, T. Hurst, D. W. Johnson, J. F. Kitchell, D. Reese, G. A. Rose, H. Sjodin, W. J. Sydeman, H. van der Veer, K. Vollset, S. Zador. 2011. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Functional responses and scaling in marine predator-prey interactions: contemporary issues and emerging concepts. Ecology Letters, 14(12):1288-1299.Go to metadata icon