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Friedman, W.R., J.A. Santora, I.D. Schroeder, D.D. Huff, R.D. Brodeur, J.C. Field,  B.K. Wells.  2018. Environmental and geographic relationships among salmon forage assemblages along the continental shelf of the California Current. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 596:181-198Go to metadata icon

Lehman, B., D. D. Huff, S. A. Hayes, S. T. Lindley. 2017. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Relationships between Chinook salmon swimming performance and water quality in the San Joaquin River, California. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 146(2):349-358.Go to metadata icon

Wells, B. K., J. A. Santora, M. J. Henderson, P. Warzybok, J. Jahncke, R. W. Bradley, D. D. Huff, I. D. Schroeder, P. Nelson, J. C. Field, and D. G. Ainley. 2017. Environmental conditions and prey-switching by a seabird predator impact juvenile salmon survival. Journal of Marine Systems 174:54-63.  (The next link will exit from NWFSC web siteAccess free copy)Go to metadata icon

Demetras, N. J., D. D. Huff, C. J. Michel, J. M. Smith, G. R. Cutter, S. A. Hayes, and S. T. Lindley. 2016. Development of underwater recorders to quantify predation of juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in a river environment. Fishery Bulletin 114:179-185.
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Hassrick, J. L., M. J. Henderson, D. D. Huff, W. J. Sydeman, M. C. Sabal, J. A. Harding, A. J. Ammann, E. D. Crandall, E. P. Bjorkstedt, J. C. Garza, S. A. Hayes. 2016. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Early ocean distribution of juvenile Chinook salmon in an upwelling ecosystem. Fisheries Oceanography, 25(2):133-146.Go to metadata icon

Hubler, S., D. D. Huff, P. Edwards, and Y. Pan. 2016. The Biological Sediment Tolerance Index: Assessing fine sediments conditions in Oregon streams using macroinvertebrates. Ecological Indicators 67:132-145.Go to metadata icon

McCreless, E. E., D. D. Huff, D. A. Croll, B. R. Tershy, D. R. Spatz, N. D. Holmes, S. H. M. Butchart, and C. Wilcox. 2016. Past and estimated future impact of invasive alien mammals on insular threatened vertebrate populations. Nature Communications 7:12488.(The next link will exit from NWFSC web siteFull text | The next link will exit from NWFSC web sitepdf)Go to metadata icon

Sabal, M. C., D. D. Huff, M. J. Henderson, J. Fiechter, J. A. Harding, S. A. Hayes. 2016. Contrasting patterns in growth and survival of Central Valley fall run Chinook salmon related to hatchery and ocean conditions. Environmental Biology of Fishes. doi:10.1007/s10641-016-0536-3Go to metadata icon

Wells, B. K., J. A. Santora, I. D. Schroeder, N. Mantua, W. J. Sydeman, D. D. Huff, and J. C. Field. 2016. Marine ecosystem perspectives on Chinook salmon recruitment: a synthesis of empirical and modeling studies from a California upwelling system. Marine Ecology Progress Series 552:271-284.Go to metadata icon