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Du Preez, C., J. Curtis, M. E. Clarke. 2016. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site The structure and distribution of benthic communities on a shallow seamount (Cobb Seamount, Northeast Pacific Ocean). PLoS ONE. doi: to metadata icon

Everett, M. V., L. K. Park, E. A. Berntson, A. Elz, C. Whitmire, A. A. Keller, M. E. Clarke. 2016. Large-scale genotyping-by-sequencing indicates high levels of gene flow in the deep-sea octocoral Swiftia simplex (Nutting 1909) on the west coast of the United States. PLoS ONE.Go to metadata icon

Drazen, J. C., J. R. Friedman, N. E. Condon, E. J. Aus, M. E. Gerringer, A. A. Keller, M. E. Clarke. 2015. Enzyme activities of demersal fishes from the shelf to the abyssal plain. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research.Go to metadata icon

Keller, A. A., V. H. Simon, F. Chan, W. W. Wakefield, M. E. Clarke, J. A. Barth, D. J. Kamikawa, E. L. Fruh. 2010. Demersal Fish And Invertebrate Biomass in Relation To An Offshore Hypoxic Zone Along The U.S. West Coast. Fisheries Oceanography, 19(1):76-87. doi:doi:10.1111/j.1365-2419.2009.00529.xGo to metadata icon

Clarke, M. Elizabeth, Nick Tolimieri and Hanumant Singh (2009) Using the Seabed AUV to Assess Populations of Groundfish in Untrawlable Areas. In: Beamish, R. J. and B. J. Rothchild (eds.) The Future of Fisheries Science in North America, Fish and Fisheries SeriesGo to metadata icon

Juan Jordá, M.J., J.A. Barth, M.E. Clarke and W.W. Wakefield. 2009. Groundfish species associations with distinct oceanographic habitats off the Pacific Northwest Coast. Fisheries Oceanography 8:1-19.Go to metadata icon

Tolimieri, N., M. E. Clarke, H. Singh, C. Goldfinger. 2008. Development of the SeaBED AUV to monitor populations of westcoast groundfish in untrawlable habitat: an example with rosethorn rockfish, Sebastes helvomaculatus. Technical Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 129-141 pp.Go to metadata icon

Francis, R. C., M. A. Hixon, M. E. Clarke, S. Murawski, S. Ralston. 2007. Ten Commandments for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Scientists. Fisheries, 32:217-233.Go to metadata icon

Whitmire CE and Clarke ME. 2007. State of Deep Coral Ecosystems of the U.S. Pacific Coast: California to Washington. pp. 109-154. In: SE Lumsden, Hourigan TF, Bruckner AW, and Dorr G (eds.) The State of Deep Coral Ecosystems of the United States. NOAA Technical Memorandum CRCP=3. Silver Spring, MD 365 pp.Go to metadata icon