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Hall, J. E., T. P. Khangaonkar, C. A. Rice, J. W. Chamberlin, T. Zackey, F. E. Leonetti, M. Rustay, K. L. Fresh, A. N. Kagley, M. Rowse. 2018. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Characterization of annual salinity and temperature patterns in a large river delta to support tidal wetland habitat restoration efforts. Northwest Science, 92(1):36-52.Go to metadata icon

Beechie, T. J., O. Stefankiv, B. Timpane-Padgham, J. E. Hall, G. R. Pess, M. Rowse, M. Liermann, K. Fresh, and M. J. Ford. 2017. Monitoring Salmon Habitat Status and Trends in Puget Sound: Development of Sample Designs, Monitoring Metrics, and Sampling Protocols for Large River, Floodplain, Delta, and Nearshore Environments. U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-137.Go to metadata icon

Bartz, K. K., M. J. Ford, T. J. Beechie, K. L. Fresh, G. R. Pess, M. Rowse, M. B. Sheer, R. Kennedy. 2015. Trends in developed cover adjacent to habitat for threatened salmon in Puget Sound, Washington, U.S.A. PLoS ONE.Go to metadata icon

Ford, M. J., K. Barnas, T. Cooney, L. G. Crozier, M. Diaz, J. J. Hard, E. E. Holmes, D. M. Holzer, R. G. Kope, P. W. Lawson, M. Liermann, J. M. Myers, M. Rowse, D. J. Teel, D. M. Van Doornik, T. C. Wainwright, L. A. Weitkamp, M. Williams. 2015. Status review update for Pacific salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act:  Pacific Northwest. Report of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Fisheries Science Center.Go to metadata icon

Gustafson, R. G., M. J. Ford, P. B. Adams, J. S. Drake, R. L. Emmett, K. L. Fresh, M. Rowse, E. A. Spangler, R. E. Spangler, D. J. Teel, M. T. Wilson. 2012. The next link will exit from NWFSC web site Conservation status of eulachon in the California Current. Fish and Fisheries, 13(2):121-138.Go to metadata icon

Doctor, K. K., R. Hilborn, M. Rowse, T. Quinn. 2010. Spatial and temporal patterns of upriver migration in populations of sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, in the Wood River System, Bristol Bay, Alaska. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 139(1):80-91.Go to metadata icon

Beamer, E. M., C. A. Rice, R. Henderson, K. L. Fresh, M. Rowse. 2007. Taxonomic composition of fish assemblages, and density and size of juvenile Chinook salmon in the greater Skagit River estuary. Field sampling and data summary. Report of the National Marine Fisheries Service to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Seattle.Go to metadata icon