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Frey, P. H., A. A. Keller, V. Simon. 2017. Dynamic population trends observed in the deep-living Pacific flatnose, Antimora microlepis, on the U.S. West Coast. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research.Go to metadata icon

Keller, A., L. Ciannelli, W. W. Wakefield, V. Simon, J. A. Barth, S. D. Pierce. 2015. Occurrence of demersal fishes in relation to near-bottom oxygen levels within the California current large marine ecosystem. Fisheries Oceanography, 24(2):162-176. doi:10.1111/fog.12100Go to metadata icon

Tolimieri, N., A. O. Shelton, B. E. Feist, V. Simon. 2015. Can we increase our confidence about the locations of biodiversity hotspots by using multiple diversity indices? Ecosphere.Go to metadata icon

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Keller, A.A., Bradburn, M.J. and V.H. Simon. 2013. Shifts in condition and distribution of eastern North Pacific flatfish along the U.S. west coast (2003 – 2010). Deep-Sea Res I 77:23-35Go to metadata icon

Tolimieri, N., Samhouri, J.F., Simon, V., Feist, B.E. & Levin, P.S. (2013) Linking the trophic fingerprint of groundfishes to ecosystem structure and function in the California Current. Ecosystems, 16, 1216-1229.Go to metadata icon

Fruh, E. L., A. Keller, J. Trantham, V. Simon. 2010. Accuracy of Sex Determination for northeastern Pacific Ocean thornyheads (Sebastolobus altivelis and S. alascanus). Fishery Bulletin, 108:226-232.Go to metadata icon

Keller, A.A., E.L. Fruh, M. Johnson, V. Simon, C. McGourty. 2010. Distribution and abundance of anthropogenic marine debris along the shelf and slope of the U.S. West Coast. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 60: 672-700Go to metadata icon

Stewart, I. J., A. Keller, E. L. Fruh, V. Simon, B. H. Horness. 2010. Throwing In The Towel: When Do Adverse Conditions Dictate A Weather Day During A Bottom Trawl Survey? Fisheries Research, 102(1-2):130-140.Go to metadata icon