Northwest Fisheries Science Center

As of 28 March, the Point Adams Research Station has been experiencing failures in the newly-installed VOiP phone system. Please email Point Adams staff instead of calling them. If you need to speak to someone at the Station, contact Bev Drury at 206-462-9933.

Fisheries Observation Science Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Bizzell, Phillip W. 503-994-5058  send e-mail 
Colway, Christa 541-867-0520  send e-mail 
Eibner, Jasonclick to see staff profile 541-867-0517  send e-mail 
Jannot, Jason to see staff profile 206-302-1755  send e-mail 
LaFargue, Johnclick to see staff profile 707-443-3228  send e-mail 
McVeigh, Jon T. 206-302-2423  send e-mail 
Peretti, Timothy J. 707-443-1884  send e-mail 
Riley, Neil 206-861-7607  send e-mail 
Shama, Ryan 541-867-0538  send e-mail 
Somers, Kayleigh 206-302-2413  send e-mail 
Tuttle, Vanessa to see staff profile 206-860-3479  send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Benante, James   206-860-6794  send e-mail 
Bieraugel, John   707-218-7390  send e-mail 
Brasseur, Eric Arnold click to see staff profile 541-867-0509  send e-mail 
Coplen, Eli   805-772-1131  send e-mail 
Cramer, Jennifer J.  541-867-0561  send e-mail 
Donovan, Cassandra   206-526-6724  send e-mail 
Guthrie, Kate   206-860-3476  send e-mail 
Hoch, Rebecca Anne  206-302-1777  send e-mail 
Holland, Thomas   206-526-6782  send e-mail 
Howe, Taylor   503-861-1818, x130  send e-mail 
Leach, Scott Michael  541-351-8250  send e-mail 
Mitchell, Toby   541-867-0514  send e-mail 
Vestre, Jason   805-772-1132  send e-mail