Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Mathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Barnas Torpey, Katie 206-860-3363  send e-mail 
Do, Chi Dr. 206-860-3259  send e-mail 
Holmes, Elizabeth to see staff profile 206-860-3369  send e-mail 
Holzer, Damon 206-860-3405  send e-mail 
Jordan, Chris Dr. 541-754-4629  send e-mail 
Kope, Robert G. to see staff profile 206-860-3374  send e-mail 
Rowse, Mindyclick to see staff profile 206-860-6783  send e-mail 
Ward, Eric to see staff profile 206-302-1745  send e-mail 
Weitkamp, Laurie to see staff profile 541-867-0504  send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Barnett, Lewis A.K. Dr. 206-860-3289  send e-mail 
Buhle, Eric  Dr. 206-302-2448  send e-mail 
Cooney, Tom   503-231-6888  send e-mail 
Diaz, Monica   206-860-3362  send e-mail 
McNyset, Kristina Marie Dr. 541-754-4807  send e-mail 
See, Kevin  Dr. 206-302-1768  send e-mail 
Volk, Carol   206-302-2465  send e-mail 
Williams, Margaret   503-231-6880  send e-mail