Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Watershed Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Beechie, Tim to see staff profile 206-860-3409  send e-mail 
Bennett, Toddclick to see staff profile 425-347-6935, x224  send e-mail 
Chamberlin, Joshua to see staff profile 425-347-6935 x241  send e-mail 
Greene, Correigh to see staff profile 206-860-5611  send e-mail 
Hall, Jason to see staff profile 425-347-6935 x240  send e-mail 
Hanson, Karrieclick to see staff profile 206-860-3334  send e-mail 
Kiffney, Peter to see staff profile 425-347-6935, x240  send e-mail 
Liermann, Martin to see staff profile 206-860-6781  send e-mail 
Morley, Sarahclick to see staff profile 206-860-6780  send e-mail 
Pess, George R. to see staff profile 206-860-3450  send e-mail 
Pollock, Michael M. to see staff profile 206-860-3451  send e-mail 
Watershed Program Lab   send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Bartlett, Kirby   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Boyer, Barney   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Brady, Mary   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Bratt, Abby   206-351-4203  send e-mail 
Eccles, Jennifer   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Fogel, Caleb   206-861-1246  send e-mail 
Imaki, Hiroo   206-898-0457  send e-mail 
Munsch, Stuart   206-302-1748  send e-mail 
Nicol, Colin   206-860-3266  send e-mail 
Rice, Joel   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Seixas, Gustav   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Sobocinski, Kathryn   206-302-2466  send e-mail 
Stefankiv, Oleksandr   206-860-3229  send e-mail 
Timpane-Padgham, Britta   206-861-1258  send e-mail 
Velazquez, Violet   999-999-9999  send e-mail