Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Nearshore Marine Ecology Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Feist, Blake E. to see staff profile 206-860-3408  send e-mail 
Samhouri, Jameal to see staff profile 206-302-1740  send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Adelman, Ashley   999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Fuller, Emma   206-618-7602  send e-mail 
Grindall, Jonathan   425-359-7849  send e-mail 
Shelton, Andrew O. Dr. 206-860-3209  send e-mail 
Snoey, Elise   206-310-4854  send e-mail 
Stier, Adrian   206-302-1756  send e-mail 
Williams, Gregory D. click to see staff profile 206-861-7604  send e-mail