Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Molecular Genetics Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Berntson, Ewann A. to see staff profile 360-871-8333  send e-mail 
Carter, Julie 843-460-9733  send e-mail 
Iwamoto, Ericclick to see staff profile 206-860-3285  send e-mail 
Knott, Trey 843-762-8621  send e-mail 
Kuligowski, Davidclick to see staff profile 360-871-8335  send e-mail 
LaHood, Ericclick to see staff profile 206-860-3283  send e-mail 
Moore, Kathy 843-460-9735  send e-mail 
Moran, Paul to see staff profile 206-860-3245  send e-mail 
Nichols, Krista to see staff profile 206-302-2470  send e-mail 
Park, Linda to see staff profile 206-860-3241  send e-mail 
Schwenke, Piperclick to see staff profile 206-302-2456  send e-mail 
Van Doornik, Donaldclick to see staff profile 360-871-8334  send e-mail 
Winans, Gary to see staff profile 206-860-3265  send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Baker, Jon  Dr. 425-347-6935, x234  send e-mail 
Everett, Meredith  Dr. 206-860-3404  send e-mail 
Gavery, Mackenzie  Dr. 206-860-3444  send e-mail 
Longo, Gary  Dr. 206-860-3278  send e-mail 
Menezes, Shefali NA  999-999-9999  send e-mail 
Parsons, Kim Michelle Dr. 206-302-2428  send e-mail 
Ramon-Laca Menendez del Luarca, Ana Isabel NA  206-302-2457  send e-mail 
Wells, Abigail   206-860-3322  send e-mail