Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Marine Mammal & Seabird Ecology Staff Directory


Federal Personnel

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Name Work Phone Email
Emmons, Candiceclick to see staff profile 206-302-2432  send e-mail 
Good, Thomas P. Drclick to see staff profile 206-860-3469  send e-mail 
Hanson, Brad to see staff profile 206-860-3220  send e-mail 
Holt, Marla to see staff profile 206-860-3261  send e-mail 
Noren Adams, Dawn P. to see staff profile 206-302-2439  send e-mail 

Non-Federal Personnel

Name Work Phone Email
Tennessen, Jennifer   206-860-3473  send e-mail 
Zhao, Xuehan   999-999-9999  send e-mail