Northwest Fisheries Science Center

NOAA Teacher in the Lab: Conservation Genetics of Marine Species

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High School


Since 2010, NOAA has sponsored the Teacher in the Lab program at NWFSC. The three week program brings school teachers into the genetics laboratory at the Mukilteo Field Station and introduces them to conservation genetic research as it applies to marine species in the Salish Sea ecosystem. Teachers learn molecular DNA bench skills and how to analyze population genetics data, and then are provided with a high school curriculum that focuses on the population genetics of a Salish Sea marine organism. After the program, teachers and their high school students collect genotype data for a particular organism, compare data amongst their classrooms, and construct dendograms. This program promotes Ocean Literacy for teachers and their students and encourages stewardship of marine organisms of the Salish Sea.

Additional information:

View a sample lesson plan Constructing a Phylogenetic Tree from the Teacher in the Lab Curriculum.

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