Northwest Fisheries Science Center

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Understanding the World's Ocean and Climate

Recommended for:

Middle School to High School


Join NOAA for an exploration of the ocean and climate and how they interact. This five-part series was developed for the Seattle Times' Newspapers in Education program.

What's inside:

Chapter One: Do you know who studies the ocean and climate?
Learn about NOAA Fisheries and the agency's role in protecting, conserving and managing ocean life in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Chapter Two: NOAA Fisheries studies a diversity of ocean life, from large whales to microscopic plankton.
Learn how scientists track marine mammals, count fish in the sea, and study tiny plankton.

Chapter Three: Studying Marine Life- Rockfish & Dungeness Crab.
Learn all about Rockfish and Dungeness Crab. What do they look like? Where do they live? How do they reproduce? How old do they get?

Chapter Four: How does Seafood get to Market?
Learn how fisheries science and management helps bring sustainable seafood to your dinner plate.

Chapter Five: Help protect our fisheries, marine wildlife, and coastal habitats! and NOAA Scientist Spotlight
Learn 10 ways you can make a difference for marine wildlife and habitats, and investigate what its like to have a career as a NOAA Oceanographer.