Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Sustainable U.S. Seafood:
A Journey from Sea to Market

Recommended for:

Middle School to High School


Go on a journey with NOAA Fisheries Service in this five-part series to learn about the complex process and the people involved in getting safe and sustainable seafood to your dinner plate. This series was developed for the Seattle Times’ Newspapers in Education program

What's inside:

Part 1: What’s the big deal about U.S. seafood? (PDF)
Learn how we ensure our seafood is sustainable and safe to eat.

Part 2: How many fish are in the ocean? (PDF)
Learn how difficult it is to estimate fish populations and the complexities of counting fish in the ocean.

Part 3: Follow the roadmap to sustainable fisheries. (PDF)
Learn how science is used to manage fisheries and tools scientists use to prevent overfishing.

Part 4: Is your seafood safe to eat? (PDF)
Learn what makes seafood safe to eat and how seafood is inspected.

Part 5: Meet the faces of sustainable seafood. (PDF)
Learn how a federal fisheries manager, fisherman, fishery observer, seafood inspector, and chef all contribute to sustainable seafood.

Classroom Guide (PDF) with glossary, activities and more information.