April 27, 2017
Monster Seminar JAM - How to be fast when you're cold, phytoplankton adaptations to cold temperature, Dr. Jodi Young, Assistant Professor, School of Oceanography, Future of Ice
Time: 11:00am -12:15pm, NWFSC, Auditorium

May 1, 2017
Hake Pre-Season Annual NOAA/Industry Mtg.
Time: 10:00am - 1:30pm, NWFSC, Auditorium

May 4, 2017
Monster Seminar JAM - Environmental sensitivity of eggs and larvae of cod species in Arctic/sub-Arctic seas, Dr. Ben Laurel, Research Fisheries Biologist, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Time: 11:00am -12:15pm, NWFSC, Auditorium

May 11, 2017
Monster Seminar JAM - Understanding Invasive Species through Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Dr. Carol Stepien, Ocean Environment Research Division Leader, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Time: 11:00am -12:15pm, NWFSC, Auditorium

May 18, 2017
Monster Seminar JAM - Detection and Evaluation of Organic Contaminant Flows In Surface Waters of the Puget Sound Region, Dr. Edward Kolodziej, Associate Professor, Science and Mathematics (UW Tacoma); Civil and Environmental Engineering (UW Seattle); Principal Investigator (Center for Urban Waters)
Time: 11:00am -12:15pm, NWFSC, Auditorium

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