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West Coast Groundfish Bottom Trawl Survey

This portal tracks the 2018 groundfish survey conducted on chartered West Coast fishing vessels by the Fisheries Research Survey (FRS) Team from NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center. During the first half of the survey (May - July) we will conduct sampling from onboard the F/V Excalibur and the F/V Last Straw. The vessels are relatively small (65 - 76 ft in length) and usually host three scientists: a chief scientist from FRS and two back deck biologists. Many of the back deck biologists are volunteers without whose assistance we could not conduct the survey. The vessel personnel includes the Captain, two crewmembers and sometimes a night watch person. Follow us as we use trawling and oceanographic sampling to learn about the California Current ecosystem and the health of many West Coast fish populations. The survey traverses the entire area from U.S.-Canada to U.S.-Mexico at depths from 55 m to 1280 m twice during the sampling season (May - October). The survey is the primary source of fisheries independent information used in the management of 40+ groundfish along the U.S. West Coast. Although communications are often spotty while the team is at sea, chief scientists will post updates during periodic port calls as the vessels sample throughout the survey season.

Excalibur Haul Out Mob
test 3
Galley Table Mob
test 2
Sunrise on the Excalibur

West Coast Fishery Rebounds

By Peter Frey
December 13, 2018

West Coast Fishery Rebounds After Years of Conservation Efforts (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

(A portion of the video shown was filmed aboard the NWFSC groundfish survey in 2017 and showcases the scientists and crew on the chartered west coast fishing vessel the F/V Noah's Ark.)

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